Month June 2017

Permaculture Plant: Raspberries

There is nothing quite as exquisite as fresh homegrown raspberries. Tasting a homegrown plump and juicy berry, you realise that the supermarket raspberries you have tasted just don’t compare. Bought raspberries are expensive and have often been sprayed with chemicals and travelled hundreds of kilometres to get to you, leaving them lifeless and lacking in taste.

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the Editor
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To place your event here, email SCHOOLS TREE DAY ON 28 JULY 2017 Each year, around 200,000 Australian school students participate in a special National Tree Day event designed just for children, called Schools Tree Day. It’s a wonderful…

Permaculture Around The World


PERMACULTURE IN THE ARCTIC What’s it like to do permaculture in icy climates? Quite different from anything we have here in Australia? There seems to be a growing movement of permaculture in Iceland, and this is where the Nordic…