Month June 2018


Permaculture Australia is encouraging permies all over Australia to open their farms and gardens to the public. This will introduce permaculture to more people, encourage social interaction with like-minded citizens and help fundraise towards the operating costs of Permaculture Australia, Permafund and your local permaculture group.

Pip Picks: Things We Like


WITHONEBEAN If you like to drink your coffee with a clear conscience, it goes without saying that it’s worth buying fair trade. WithOneBean is a not for profit coffee roaster based in Melbourne. Their coffee is made from 100% Arabica…

Broadscale Permaculture At Millpost Farm

In the hills east of Canberra, down a dusty lane that winds up past the Lake George escarpment through Yellow Box Woodland (full of finches, thornbills, cuckoo- shrikes, kookaburras and robins), there is a rusty old gate with a stencilled sign that says ‘Millpost’.

Mindfulness In The Garden

Too often, we get caught up in our busy lives. We become overwhelmed and never quite catch up with all the tasks we’ve set ourselves. Becoming more aware of our surroundings through mindfulness is one way to reset ourselves and improve our wellbeing.

Coffee With Heart From Timor-Leste

It’s early morning in the misty, humid mountains of Timor-Leste, one of Australia’s closest neighbours. Chickens and roosters roam free, smoke from the cooking fires fill the air and the village of Baguia is coming to life.

Natural Burials

Death is not an easy subject to talk about, but it’s an inevitable final chapter of life. By choosing a natural burial over a conventional burial or cremation, you minimise your environmental impact and depart the world in a way that is aligned with your values.