Month October 2018

Waste-Free Celebrations

Celebrations often carry their own set of rituals and expectations. Many of these rituals can be unsustainable in terms of the increase in consumption and waste which is often inherent to them. Here are some tips to help you rethink your celebrations in order to reduce waste without reducing joy.

Permaculture plant: Buckwheat

Despite its name, buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) is neither a grain nor is it related to wheat. Originating from Asia, this fast growing annual is most closely related to sorrel and rhubarb. It’s most prized for its triangular edible seeds which have a long tradition as a staple in many countries from Japan (as soba noodles) to Russia (as kasha). They are having a small revival in modern times due to the fact that buckwheat is gluten-free, despite its confusing name for wheat-avoiders.

Pip Brains Trust

Brains Trust
Where do I start in planning my permaculture garden on my bare 2 acre block that I’ve just built a house on? (Anna, Candelo NSW) Start at your door. Create a small kitchen garden while you get to know your whole site in-depth and make your plans. Go walkabout regularly. Look at what’s happening beyond your boundary too. Slow down and get a feel for each space. Perhaps even have picnics in various places around your block. Make a copy of your property plan or print out a Google Earth image (A3 is a good size). Carry it around with you and jot down observations like microclimates, wind and solar access, how you could source, sink and spread water, soil types and quality, and local vegetation and abundances.

Pip Picks: Things We Like

REUSABLE BAMBOO CUTLERY SET It’s estimated that 6 million tonnes of single-use plastics (such as cutlery) is thrown in to landfill every year. This reusable cutlery set, which includes a knife, fork and spoon, is made from bamboo. It comes…

Permaculture Around The World

Sabar was adopted into the world of permaculture at the age of 12 when he and his brother were orphaned in the 2004 tsunami. He was taken in by IDEC, a centre for permaculture and sustainable living in Ubud, Bali, which became his home and the place where he learned all about permaculture.


Permafund is Permaculture Australia’s tax-deductible fund. Donations are accepted and a dedicated voluntary committee distributes the funds to worthy permaculture projects both in Australia and overseas. $500–$2000 go a long way in many countries and it’s a tangible action that demonstrates our third ethic of redistributing the surplus

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the Editor
Email your letters and photos to editorial@pipmagazine. We’d love to hear what you think of Pip and if you’ve embarked on any projects as a result of our articles. Each issue, one published entrant will receive a limited- edition Pip magazine art print, printed with archival inks on beautifully textured archival 300 gsm rag paper.