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Month February 2019

Pip Brains Trust

Brains Trust
The method of preserving food with vinegar has only been around since industrialisation. It came in as a quick and easy way to keep food shelf stable so it would be saleable for longer. A much healthier way to preserve your food is through the process of lacto-fermentation. This is how people preserved their food long before fridges and canning became popular. Lacto-fermentation is how traditional sauerkraut and kimchi are made.


Big things are afoot at Permaculture Tasmania as a new energy is flowing in and has given a boost to the organisation recently. Workshops as diverse as building with bamboo, cob building, bee-keeping, pruning and grafting, fermentation, and basic cheesemaking, as well as Permaculture Intro courses are being held throughout the

Book Reviews

As we continue to become a more urbanised society, the question of how we can live and eat well in our cities has never been more critical. This collection of real stories explores past histories of urban food production in Australia, plus we hear from current food production innovators on what they’re doing and why. Part One reflects the diversity in urban edible gardens, Part Two acknowledges the important role played by the permaculture movement in training a generation of urban gardeners and farmers,

Kids’ Patch

e love to see our Pip kids out in the garden growing food and we would love to see some pics of what you are getting up to. We’re looking for photos of little kids, big kids, school groups and community groups. So if you have a garden and you’re growing food, send us a photo of you in it.

Build Your Own Meat Safe

Making your own preserved meats such as salami, chorizo and prosciutto has been a tradition among Italian communities for a long time. With a growing interest in good quality homemade food, the tradition is gaining popularity here in Australia too.