Month June 2020

Kids’ Patch

Our Kids’ Patch winner for issue 17 is Alexander from Rutherglen, aged 2 years. Congratulations! You’ve won a copy of Grow Do It, the CD from the Formidable Edible Sound System.

Rehydrating Landscapes: Keeping Water In Your Soil

As Australians face a warming climate, it is increasingly important that we consider water management that works with nature to keep moisture in the land we steward. This is equally necessary for large rural properties, smaller gardens and urban backyards. Rehydrating landscapes involves mimicking natural processes to increase the water-holding capacity of the soil, storing the water under and in the land, not on top of it.

The Art Of Steeking

Steeking may not only revolutionise the way you knit, but it also offers a great way to upcycle or reconstruct knitted garments, tailor them to your needs, and save them from landfill or eternal damnation in your darning pile.

How To Eat An Earth-Friendly Diet

Does what we eat affect the health of the planet? With agriculture producing an estimated 15 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, you could say it makes a significant difference to the planet’s health.

Mara Ripani

Mara Ripani is living the dream. Not just the fantasy of anyone who is bored with the daily grind of city living, but her own dream – to live her life cooking, growing, sharing and connecting over food.