Alternative Economies: Groups Working Towards A More Resilient Future

Bought a whipper snipper and only used it once? Fret no more, as tool libraries will stop you from buying things you rarely use by allowing you to instead borrow what you need. Brunswick Tool Library has 250 active members who utilise the shovels, mattocks, axes and many other handy tools available to them, all for the cost of a small annual fee. Karleng Lim tells us how it works.

What was the impetus for starting Brunswick Tool Library?

Our founder Joleen Hess lives in Portland, Oregon, where there are four tool libraries. When she was living in Melbourne, she lamented the fact that there weren’t any in what was considered to be a progressive part of town. Being quite the DIY-er herself, she thought that one day she might start one. When the proverbial stars aligned and an opportunity came up at NORM Warehouse in Brunswick in early 2013, she took it!