Atamai Village: A Resilient Community

Resilience means the ability to adapt and respond positively to challenge and change. Small villages have been the most enduring form of human settlement across continents and across centuries and presumably will continue to be so in a future filled with uncertainty around issues such as climate change, rising energy prices, food supply and job security.

The founders of Atamai Village in New Zealand have responded to meet such challenges collectively, by focusing their energies on developing a resilient community – a sustainable ecovillage. Atamai Village is a modern example of a traditional village, with new approaches and technologies designed to adapt as required.

Atamai Village is purpose built to provide the best possible response to living well under the various challenges to the global economic system that are already in evidence. The permaculture-based settlement was founded in 2006, and is now home to about twenty households. On completion it will include about fifty households, as well as extensive common lands. In addition to private purchase, a co-housing option is being developed for greater affordability.