Book Reviews

In the current climate, where lots of folks want to downsize, downshift, simplify radically, barter + trade, go no-waste, grow good food, and reconsider where working for years from nine to five in an office actually gets them in terms of health and happiness, this book is both an antidote and an inspiration of sorts.

The Art of Frugal Hedonism is about living – very – lightly on this planet, while having a rocking good time. Both Annie and Adam have been doing urban frugalism, rather radically, for many years now, and it does certainly seem like they are having a good time.

But the book is not just talking about the fact that we all need more time, and less clothes (though that’s part of it) to live a good and happy life. It’s also packed with quirky but solid advice for ways to re-use, barter, DIY, dumpster dive, swap and generally cut down on all the everyday consumption you can think of. For the sake of limiting consumption on this one-andonly planet of ours, and also for the sake of living well, with a stronger community, and saving the money you do have for things that actually matter.