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Local Produce Swaps

Produce swaps are community driven events where growers come together to share excess seeds, plants and produce; they involve no direct exchange, or any form of payment. They are also places to meet and exchange ideas and information and, consequently, encourage and inspire local food growing.

Nadja Osterstock

I design practical, productive gardens, help people get the most out of their existing gardens, and sell organic and heirloom seeds through my market stall.

Hannah Moloney

I grew up on a city herb farm in Brisbane, my dad’s business. While I had heard about permaculture plenty of times, I first understood what it meant when I was eighteen and spent time with the Brookmans at the Food Forest, in South Australia. They made a massive impact on me and I love them to bits as they showed me what a good life really looks and feels like.

Growing Abundance in Castlemaine

Castlemaine in Central Victoria has a long history of permaculture and it’s no accident that Growing Abundance (GA) emerged here. GA is a great example of people in a country town combining to grow and share sustainable food. Each element of GA performs many important functions, and each function supports others. GA is part permaculture group, part Transition Town and part social enterprise.