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Kids’ patch

Fun activities to get kids interested in permaculture. Find out who our Kids Patch winners were for Issue 20. Next issue we’ve got the 2021 book Bee Detectives to give away. Written by Vanessa Ryan-Rendall and illustrated by Brenna Quinlan, it’s for any aspiring bee detective who wants to learn how to attract native bees to their backyard.

Kids’ Patch

Our Kids’ Patch winner for issue 17 is Alexander from Rutherglen, aged 2 years. Congratulations! You’ve won a copy of Grow Do It, the CD from the Formidable Edible Sound System.

Kids’ Patch

Plastic pollution and old fishing lines are a serious problem for sea life, so when 12-year-old Shalise Leesfield learned it was killing thousands of sea animals each year, she set out on a crusade to clean up local beaches and save lives.