Charlie Mgee

In his career Charlie Mgee has performed to a crowd of 10,000 ‘doof heads’, to five-year-olds in a kindergarten class, to Vandana Shiva at a Seed Freedom conference. His music has even been played at a UN official ceremony. How did he end up playing songs to such diverse audiences?

Charlie first leapt to fame in the permaculture world with the release of the album Permaculture: A Rhymers Manual. It was made with his band Formidable Vegetable Sound System, which currently consists of musicians Mal Web and Kylie Morrigan and also features a range of musicians from around the world.

This was an album of songs based around the permaculture principles. Sounds nerdy? You might think so, but it is a stomping good album with ‘radish beats’ and a very funky sound.