COMPOSTING 101 – How to choose the best system to suit your space and lifestyle.

Growing great vegies all comes down to the health of your soil, and you can’t have healthy soil without compost. There are many different ways to create compost at home; which is best depends on your situation and what fits into your space and lifestyle.

Having healthy living soil full of organic matter and microorganisms is essential to growing nutritious food. Compost you buy in a bag or from a nursery is never going to be as high quality as what you can make at home. And by making your own compost, not only are you creating rich organic matter to maintain healthy soils, but composting is a sustainable solution to your food-waste problems and an inexpensive way to deal with any green waste around your home.

Compost can get a bad rap. When some people think of compost, they think of a pile of smelly rotting vegetables with flies buzzing around it. This isn’t true compost.

Regardless of which system you choose, true compost is a healthy balance of carbon and nitrogen – it smells sweet when the ratio is right – and it’s turning your food and green waste into rich and nutritious compost to build and maintain soil health.

There are many different ways to create compost. There’s hot compost, cold compost, compost tumblers, compost bins, a compost pile, bokashi systems, even worm farms.