Easy Peasy: Lemon Squeezy

If you’ve got a bountiful harvest of citrus to squeeze, you don’t need to mess around with fiddly squeezers or noisy and expensive electric appliances.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as being able to make something at home that produces just as good – if not better – results than a store-bought appliance. And being able to make it from bits and pieces you’re likely to have lying around is the lemon icing on your homemade cake.

What You Need

A one-metre length of 50 mm by 30 mm timber. Two lengths measuring around 500 mm will also do the trick, as long as they’re a similar width and thickness. Hardwood is best for both strength and longevity, but a softer timber like pine will also be fine. You’ll also need a thinner piece of hardwood the same width, around 8–10 mm thick and 120 mm long. Whatever you choose, ensure none of it is treated in any way.