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I am so happy to bring you issue four of Pip Magazine, with its bee friendly focus.

I have learnt so much about bees and their lives, their needs and their importance to our lives on this planet. A huge thank you to Adrian Iodice, whose infectious passion and enthusiasm about bees has opened my eyes to the wonder of our tiny friends.

My own passion for bees slowly crept in as I began to hear and read about natural beekeeping and the importance of caring for bees. I then got a beehive of my own and did a natural beekeeping course, and now I am hooked.

Putting together this issue I have talked to many dedicated bee advocates and have come to realise that everyone needs to understand how much we need bees, and it is crucial that we make major changes – right now – to help save them.

In our opening article we look at the state of bees in the world, what is threatening them and what we must start doing to save them. Then we look at native bees in the permaculture garden with Dr Megan Halcroft, a researcher into native bee biology and behaviour, as she explains in detail what the native bees’ role is and what we can do to invite them into our gardens. Then Adrian Iodice delivers a complete guide to choosing a honeybee hive for your own backyard, and provides an in-depth analysis of seven different hive types.

I hope this issue of Pip opens your eyes to the needs of bees, which humans rely on – without bees there would be no us. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who read this issue made at least one small action to help make our planet a more bee-friendly place to live in?

There are also our usual sections looking at everything from why permaculture is good for our health, what a permaculture diet might look like, the art of free travel and much, much more.

As always, thanks to the many wise and learned people who have taken the time to share their knowledge and passion in this issue. And thanks to you for reading it.

Now buzz off and find a comfy spot to sit and devour this magazine.