I’m really excited about the diverse range of articles included in issue two. We’ve got stories from all over Australia. People are hearing about Pip, and the word is spreading.

Our six sections have changed slightly for this edition. ‘Create’ has become ‘Thrive’, which is a section about earning a living and the ‘B’ word: business. Robin Clayfield’s article on the ethics and heart of social enterprise reminds us of all the ways in which businesses can choose to be ethical, and it offers a checklist of what to think about – whether we are running our own business or choosing businesses to support.

Beck Lowe’s article on growing your own meat is something close to my heart at the moment. We have just gone through the process of raising, killing, butchering and curing our own pigs. I did wonder, just before we did the deed, whether it would be too traumatic and I would have to become vegetarian. But the pigs were happy and unstressed right up until their last moment. This raised all sorts of questions for me about humans’ role in the food chain, and our right to take lives to feed ourselves. It is something as a meat eater I have always wanted to do, to be truly in touch with where my meat comes from.

There are also some really great stories about different people around the country, and what they are doing in their own neck of the woods.