This is our 25th issue and we have been publishing Pip for nearly nine years now. During that time we have had the work of many artists featured on our cover. You may have noticed we have given our cover a revamp this issue and we hope you like it.

Pip is evolving and growing up and we wanted the cover to reflect that, too. Thanks to those of you who have been with us since the beginning when our beautiful duck waddled out onto our very first cover. And for those of you who have recently joined us, welcome to the Pip family. Your support is what keeps us going.

We all need to be supporting one another at the moment by buying local, supporting smaller businesses and sharing what we have. We need to be creating more connections within our neighbourhoods and learning how to be more self-sufficient within our own households and our wider communities. And with the cost of living going up, we can’t forget our local independent businesses who are providing us with variety, quality and knowledgeable services.