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Hey Pipsters,

Often we spend our lives walking around seeing only what is in front of us, but it is the microscopic, that which we cannot see, that is responsible for what is before us and within us.

The earth we walk on is made up of a world of bacteria and other microscopic life, most of which are invisible to the naked eye, but without them we have nothing. It is this complex soil food web that makes our soil alive and able to give life to all things. The more fungi, bacteria and other microbes we have in our soil, the more nutrients can be taken up by the plants we grow and the food we eat, which in turn adds to the good microbes and bacteria in our bodies, building our health and nutrition.

A diverse ecosystem of microscopic life within our body and gut helps improve our health, our mood, our energy levels and therefore our complete wellbeing. We are made up of more microbes than cells.

So taking time to get our hands in the soil is beneficial. Whether it’s in our own garden or spending time in nature, being in touch with a diversity of ecosystems and their various microbial communities builds the diversity within us. Also eating a range of food with naturally occurring bacteria, such as ferments and preserves, adds to our internal ecosystem, our microbiome.

We explore both these topics in this issue of Pip, in our articles The Soil Food Web on page 32 and Let Nature Nurture Your Microbiome on page 58.

The gorgeous butterfly on our cover represents this world, not only as part of the soil food web but also of the huge effect changes on this microbial level can have, just like the flap of butterfly wings. Also, I figured it would be more appealing than a picture of bacteria!

This issue has a wide range of topics that I hope brings you ideas and inspiration for your home, your garden and your life. We have changed our layout slightly to give each article more space so we can truly let the images sing and fill our pages with colour and life.

Happy reading,



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