Welcome to Pip’s 20th issue. Wow, what a journey! When I started Pip my three girls were running around at knee height and now they’re mostly taller than me. Almost like a fourth child, Pip has grown and evolved with lots of attention and love and has come a long way from the seed of an idea I started with ten years ago.

It started with a few people, all volunteering our time publishing two issues a year, to now having a highly experienced and talented team publishing four issues a year and distributing nearly ten times the number of magazines of when we started.

Back then, I set out to create a beautiful, informative and inspiring magazine that was accessible to everyone, not just preaching to the converted, and that vision hasn’t changed. Using permaculture principles as the basis, I wanted to inspire people to live more sustainably by providing simple-to-practise ideas people could incorporate into their lives. And that vision hasn’t changed.