Ethical Investment: Banking On The Future

Your money could be racking up a hefty carbon footprint, or supporting industries that don’t align with your personal beliefs. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Have you ever considered how your money is being used beyond your daily transactions? Every day your money is being loaned and invested into corporations and industries. In return, you receive interest payments and hopefully accumulate more wealth.

Recognising that your hard-earned dollars don’t sit idle in your bank or superannuation account and making well-researched and ethical decisions about where your money is invested means your money can be as ethical as you and support a sustainable future.

To align your money with your ethics, you need to take control of what your money is funding and divert it into other industries. It’s a practice called divestment. It means that instead of unintentionally funding things like fossil fuels, modern slavery, child labour, pornography, tobacco, gambling, live exports or weapons, you actively seek opportunities to invest in positive things. For example, you might prioritise investing in renewable energy projects, medical research, healthcare, regenerative agriculture or public housing. The point is that you take control of your money and the impact it is having on the planet.