Five of a Kind: 5 Alternative Leafy Greens

With the rising cost of fresh produce, there has never been a better time to grow your own leafy greens. While growing lettuce in winter is straightforward, things get trickier with the arrival of summer’s hotter temperatures which sees the fragile plant wanting to wilt or bolt to seed. Instead, why not invest your energy in establishing perennial leafy greens in your garden. Permaculture staples like Okinawa Spinach, Mushroom Plant, Lebanese Cress, Brazilian Spinach and Sambung Nyawa are the best of the best when it comes to low-maintenance and productive leafy greens.

These perennial powerhouses are must-haves whether you live in an apartment or on acreage. They are hardy, delicious and highly nutritious. Just as happy growing in a pot or in the garden, they will provide your family with an abundant supply of fresh leafy greens all year round and best of all, as hardy perennials, you can pretty much plant and forget. Delicious eaten raw or cooked, these nutrient-dense plants are far more hardy than lettuce or spinach, so come summer when those European crops are either bolting to seed or wilting in the heat, these perennials are at their productive best.