FIVE OF A KIND – Plants in your pantry

When it comes to sourcing seed for a green-manure crop, microgreen garnishes or to keep the kids entertained during the holidays, chances are you won’t need to head to your local garden centre or crop swap to source viable seed. While it’s always advisable to source fresh, open-pollinated seed in order to start off the crops you intend to eat, you’ll be amazed what will germinate from the spices and other edibles you already have in your pantry.

When it comes to the edible seeds and legumes we use in cooking, many people believe in order for them to germinate, they need to be certified-organic, meaning they haven’t been treated with chemicals or are in some way different to garden seeds. But that’s not the case, as we found out after rifling through the pantry to see what would germinate. And the rates of germination were surprisingly high, making them perfect for a green-manure or cover crop to protect your soil between plantings.