Greenhouse Living

Grapevines hanging from the ceiling, trees growing inside, passionfruit within an arm’s reach of the bed – Anneke van Tholen’s greenhouse home takes the term living with nature literally.

Anneke lives on a five acre block in the beautiful Bega Valley in NSW. What stands out most when you enter her home aren’t her abstract paintings, hung from every wall. It’s not the open, spacious design that exudes rustic charm, nor is it the recycled steps leading up to her artist’s studio. It’s the large and bountiful greenhouse that runs the length of the building.

Unlike most greenhouses, Anneke’s is part of her living space. There is no wall or window or barrier between the two; the greenhouse is part of the inside of her home, and it is this that makes it remarkable. What is also remarkable is that it cost less than $60,000 to build, she has no debt, it was built in six months by her and her family, and aside from the slab nearly all of the materials are recycled.