Permaculture Plant: Raspberries

There is nothing quite as exquisite as fresh homegrown raspberries. Tasting a homegrown plump and juicy berry, you realise that the supermarket raspberries you have tasted just don’t compare. Bought raspberries are expensive and have often been sprayed with chemicals and travelled hundreds of kilometres to get to you, leaving them lifeless and lacking in taste.

The good news is, raspberries are easy to grow and can be grown in any backyard as you don’t need lots of room. Raspberries can be grown in a range of climates but prefer cooler temperatures.


Raspberries need to be planted in rich soil that provides good drainage and has a pH of 5.5–6.5. Depending on the variety, the pH may need to be adjusted to accommodate the specific requirements of the plant. Try using pine needles to prepare the soil and reduce the pH, placing the pine needles around the base during the warmer months. This can also act as a mulch.