Hannah Moloney

I grew up on a city herb farm in Brisbane, my dad’s business. While I had heard about permaculture plenty of times, I first understood what it meant when I was eighteen and spent time with the Brookmans at the Food Forest, in South Australia. They made a massive impact on me and I love them to bits as they showed me what a good life really looks and feels like.

In 2008 I finally did a permaculture design course with Rick Coleman from the Southern Cross Permaculture Institute, and it rocked my socks. It joined so many dots in my head, and both humbled and empowered me to commit myself to this thing called ‘permaculture’ in a significant way.

To me, permaculture is an established yet cutting-edge approach to living well. It has nothing to do with having to revert to caveman ways, and everything to do with designing and developing stable systems that offer more security than the bank can ever hope to.