HERBAL HOMESTEADING – The essential role medicinal plants play in repairing both humans and the earth.

Food sovereignty, resilience and security has been long discussed, however medicinal sovereignty is crucial to the health of both humans and ecosystems. From our own gut microbiota, to the bioregions worldwide, medicinal plants play an essential role in recovery and repair.

Of the estimated 400,000 species of edible plants worldwide, on average most western diets consist of 30 species alone, most of which have been cultivated for modern diets. So not only are we missing out on important nutritional diversity, the types of plants which have been cultivated for our modern diets are heavily lacking in nutrient density. Food as medicine is simply not enough, as the varieties to choose from do not have the robust nourishment we require for true vitality and preventative measures against disease. It is medicine as food which we have lost, the more wild-cultivated species which are still rich in phytochemical nutrients which are necessary for us to thrive.