Homegrown Nuts: Get Cracking

When it comes to adding productive trees to your garden, it’s easy to just think of fruit trees. But nut trees provide a productive and nutritious addition to the harvest each year and there’s a nut tree to suit every climate and situation.

Walnuts, almonds, pecans, macadamias or pistachios, it’s hard to meet a nut you can’t love. Nut trees have been grown right across the world for centuries and Australia is lucky enough to grow most common nut varieties. Our commercial nut industry has seen rapid expansion in the last ten years thanks to growing demand for plant-based milks and foods, and recommendations from health professionals to include nuts as part of a healthy diet. Their versatility has meant most of us (those with allergies excluded, of course) would be hard-pressed to go a week without some type of nut making its way into our diet. So what about growing them at home?