In The Garden: March – June

Brassica seedlings. [March and April]

Successive crops of broad beans, English spinach and peas; and winter vegies such as beetroot, carrot, celery, Florence fennel, leek, parsnip, turnip. [late March through to May]

Green manure crops, for winter digging in. [from March to May]

Hard neck garlic. [April to May]

Asian greens, silverbeet, spring onion and winter lettuce will keep you in fresh greens in winter and early spring. [from April]

Soft-neck garlic. [from May to June]

Non-keeping salad onions, such as red or white varieties. [from May]

As June approaches, shift your focus from planting annual vegies to perennials – lift, divide and replant the following through June and July: asparagus, chive, garlic chive, globe artichoke, horseradish, Jerusalem artichoke,

onion, potato, rhubarb, shallot.

Plant bare-rooted deciduous trees and cane fruit during their winter dormancy.

Some annuals will germinate and grow (slowly) in cold winter soil: use broad bean, English spinach, pea, radish, spring onion to fill gaps.