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Kids’ patch

Our kids’ patch winners for this issue are Harvey and Clancy Howe from Palm Beach in Queensland, you’ve won a packet of permaculture action cards by Brenna Quinlan and Charlie Mgee.

Harvey , 6 years, Clancy , 2 years
Palm Beach, Qld

Next issue we’ve got the 2021 book Bee Detectives to give away. Written by Vanessa Ryan-Rendall and illustrated by Brenna Quinlan, it’s for any aspiring bee detective who wants to learn how to attract native bees to their backyard.


Howard, Queensland


Jarvis Pohlmann

How old are you?

I’m ten years old.

Where do you live?

I live on Terra Tribe Farm, it’s 12.5 acres of land on the Burrum River and near the rural town of Howard on the Fraser Coast in Queensland.

Describe your garden

Our food forest is still young, but we have lots of trees and they are growing really fast. We have so many birds that visit us now everything is growing. I love the king parrots and they love pigeon peas and sunflowers.

What do you grow?

We have 250 fruit and nut trees, but my favourite trees are the tangelos.

What is your favourite thing to do in the garden?

I love planting things with my mum and watching all the bees on the basil plants.

What do you enjoy eating in the garden?

Most of our trees are still too small to produce fruit but I love eating beetroot.


By Emily Gray, Permaculture South Australia

Fold a seed packet using nothing more than one single square of paper


1 Angle the square piece of paper in front of you so you see a diamond shape.

2 Form a triangle by folding the bottom point to meet the top point.

3 Take the bottom right corner and fold it up until the point meets the middle of the opposite side’s edge.

4 Repeat with the left-hand corner. Both corners should meet the other side of the paper with straight top edges.

5 Take the top layer of the point of the top and tuck it into the pouch you’ve just formed at the front.

6 Your envelope can be opened and filled with seeds.

7 To close the seed packet, tuck the remaining envelope flap into the same front pouch.

8 Remember to label the packet with the seed variety and the date it was harvested. Once you’re certain the seeds are dry, store in an airtight container.


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