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Kids’ Patch

We love to see our Pip kids out in the garden growing food and we would love to see some pics of what you are getting up to. We’re looking for photos of little kids, big kids, school groups and community groups. So if you have a garden and you’re growing food, send us a photo of you in it.

Our Kids’ Patch winner for issue 13 is Olive Woodhouse from Officer in Victoria. Congratulations! You’ve won a a digital download of Formidable Vegetable Sound System’s album, Grow Do It.

Next issue we are giving away a CD of Formidable Vegetable Sound System’s album, Grow Do It. To be in the running, kids, parents or teachers can email a photo through to along with your child’s name, age and suburb.


NAME: Olive Woodhouse

AGE: 3

Location of garden: Officer, VIC

Describe your garden: We have five big vegie gardens in our backyard that Dad built. We have lots of natives

around our house too that we planted, and three chickens that lay eggs for breakfast!

What do you grow? Cauliflower, beetroot, carrots, corn, tomatoes, onion, silverbeet, lettuce, broccoli, beans, and strawberries.

What is your favourite thing to grow? Strawberries and carrots. Because I like eating them!

Why do you love gardening? Because I like being outside and growing my dinner.

Favourite job in the garden? Watering the garden with the hose!


by Yemaya Oates (age 13)

You may want to decorate your bike for a special occasion, to turn heads when you next ride to the park, or to spend an afternoon making something look good just for the fun of it!

If you have a good look around your home you will no doubt find everything you need for simple and special bike decorations. Look for leftover balls of yarn, bailing twine, coloured cardboard or paper, ribbon and crocheted shapes that haven’t found an otherwise useful purpose. You might also find felt, sequins, old CDs or material. Have a look in your garden and see if you have flowers and greenery that could be used.

Next you will need to gather scissors, string, glue and sticky tape. Wool or string can be woven through the spokes, and cardboard shapes and beads can be attached to the spokes too. Just make sure your decorations are well attached and won’t affect the wheels moving freely. Get an adult to check. Leafy branches or streamers made of yarn can be attached to handlebars. A favourite of some kids (and adults!) is to have a basket attached to the front handlebars to carry flowers, garden vegetables or toys.

Helmets can have sweet floral additions: roses, calendula or other flowers, in addition to the cable ties that people often use to deter those determined magpies. What about painting a big set of eyes on the back of your helmet to look back at those swooping birds?

Decorate your bike and send us a photo. We’d love to see your creative ideas.


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