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Kids’ Patch 18

Our kids patch winners for this issue are two-year-old Wilde from Bright in Victoria and five-year-old Ryann from Geraldton in Western Australia. Congratulations, you’ve both won a copy of Grow Do It by Formidable Vegetable Sound System.

Next issue we are giving away a copy of The Runaway Dandelion by Jill Regensburg. To be in the running, parents can email a photo to editorial@ along with your child’s name, age and suburb, or post the picture on Instagram using the hashtag #pipmag

Show Us Your Garden

Sophia Hanna

Craigburn Primary School

Sophia Hanna

What year are you in?
Year two

What are your favourite things to grow?
We love to grow green beans, carrots, broccolini, strawberries, potatoes, apples and sunflowers.

What are your favourite jobs?
Lots of things! Our favourite jobs are shovelling mulch, sweeping, cleaning, planting, harvesting, wheelbarrowing, watering and raking.

What are fun things to do in the garden?
We love to make worm hotels and homes for lizards, as well as playing in the soil making bridges and dams.

Why do you enjoy gardening?
We like gardening because it is relaxing, we get to help the school and learn how to produce more food. We can be creative, it’s fun, we use our imaginations, it’s relaxing and enjoyable. We get fresh air while improving our school, we can get messy and it’s fun.

Make Your Own Seed Tape

By Emily Gray, Permaculture South Australia

Seed tape is a great way to plant seeds directly in the garden and it helps look after them while they germinate.

Small bowl
Toilet paper and empty roll (non-bleached, no-fragrance)
Ruler or tape measure
Pencil or pen|
Small paintbrush or matchstick


  1. Mix together equal amounts of flour and water in a bowl to form a toothpaste-like consistency. It should be thick enough to stick to the end of your brush or matchstick without dripping.
  2. Roll out your toilet paper to your desired length, tear from the roll before cutting it in half lengthways. Fold each strip in half lengthways again, open to reveal two halves with a crease down the centre.
  3. Find out how far apart your seeds need to be planted and, using your ruler and pencil, mark out the spacings along the middle of one side of the creased strip.
  4. Using the brush or matchstick, dab small dots of glue along the marks you just made.
  5. Carefully drop one or two seeds onto each dot of glue and fold the other half of the toilet paper over to seal the seeds in place.
  6. Repeat the process with your second strip of toilet paper. Diversity is important in the garden, so choose some different seeds to your first tape if you can.
  7. Allow your seed tapes to dry, before writing the plant, variety name and date made on the paper or roll.
  8. Roll the tape up around the empty toilet paper roll and store in an airtight container out of the sun until you are ready to plant.
  9. When you’re ready to plant, prepare your bed and lay the tape onto the soil. Cover with a small amount of soil and water well. The toilet paper and homemade glue will break down over time.


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