Look & Listen

This book brings to homes what Nornie Bero energetically gives to diners in her two Melbourne-based restaurants which champion Torres Strait Island flavours and Australian native produce.

Part autobiography and part cookbook, Mabu Mabu begins as the fascinating story of how a girl who grew up ‘with a spear in my hand’ in the far east Torres Strait ended up as the executive chef, CEO and founder of Mabu Mabu, a restaurant in Melbourne’s Yarraville and Big Esso, a 130-seat restaurant and bar in Federation Square.

When Nornie arrived in Melbourne as a young woman of colour in the late 1990s, it was the city’s multiculturalism that struck her. ‘And how we share culture is through food,’ she writes. ‘But, looking around Melbourne, I realised there was little understanding of Australian Indigenous food, and definitely not of Torres Strait Islander food. I knew it was time to change that.’