Merri Bee Organic Farmacy

Bee Winfield and her partner Stewart Seesink have transformed their eleven hectare property, at Nannup in the south-west of Western Australia, by building soil. Bee’s been obsessed with compost since she was a teenager, and is still making it forty years later. After courses on permaculture, holistic management, earthworks for water harvesting, soil biology and life in the soil, Bee was ready to improve her soil; she and Stewart are so focused on life below ground that their son describes them as ‘turd nerds’ – Bee prefers ‘soil life coach’.

Over the last decade their organic farm business has grown in leaps and bounds. They regularly supply fully tree-ripened fruit, vegetables grown with compost, grass-fed meat, and eggs and dairy to the Nannup and Margaret River farmers’ markets, Perth City Farm market and many others.