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Djanbung Gardens 20th Anniversary Celebration

7-9 June, 2014


In 1994 Robyn Francis acquired a compacted cow pasture to create permaculture’s first purpose-designed education centre and demonstration farm as a living learnscape of permaculture in practice. Djanbung Gardens has trained, inspired and empowered many thousands of students and visitors from around the world. The team at Djanbung invite you to come and celebrate, 7—9 June. Program includes the annual open day, a permaculture symposium, tours, workshops, lots of music, fun, local food and special guests. Former students are invited to give workshops and short presentations on their work.

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International Permaculture Day

Sunday 4 MAY 2014

It’s time to think global and act local in all things permaculture through celebrations, demonstrations and networking with local as well as international allied organisations. Come see permaculture projects in action through open gardens, community gardens, schools, farms and other sites.

Enjoy a fun-filled day with educational workshops, meals, seed saving, films and other creative activities which will allow you to see permaculture at its best.

Spend time talking to permaculturalists who are living and experiencing permaculture in their everyday lives. Each year thousands flock to discover what permaculture is all about and to find solutions to their problems. It’s time for you to see too.

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Welcome to the first beginnings of IPC-UK!


The UK Permaculture Association will be hosting the 12th International Permaculture Convergence in September 2015.

IPC-UK will be a collaborative effort of the whole international permaculture network. They are aiming to use the event to make closer links with the many other wonderful organisations and networks that are also working for Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares!

Melliodora Tours

6 April and 4 May


The best way to see how permaculture works is to visit one of the best permaculture demonstration sites in the world, Melliodora. It opens its doors to the public once every month until May. 10am to 12.30: see how an energy efficient solar house can be designed and how the household economy works. 2pm to 4.30: see the productive energy-efficient garden farm system. Bookings essential

Documenting permaculture projects


Twelve new permaculture images and stories now illustrate the design principles on permacultureprinciples. com. I’m now seeking submissions that capture innovative projects and observations from over the world to illustrate the principles for the next Permaculture Calendar.

If you’ve taken a good quality photo that is both beautiful and tells a story about permaculture, consider submitting it to help build a better resource to inspire both the current and next generation of permies. You could receive up to twelve permaculture calendars for your efforts—see the website for details.

So, what are you waiting for? Get snapping, submissions must be made before 1 June 2014.

Email your submissions to


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