Permaculture Around The World

Organiclea is a community farm at the northern edge of London in the Lea Valley next to the ancient woodland Epping Forest which, incredibly, has been continuously forested since neolithic times. The 12-acre farm started in 2008 and is run as a cooperative. Leased from Waltham Forest Council, they’re working together to develop and implement a food strategy by helping local schools create gardening programs.

With a focus on diverse plantings, rainwater harvesting, composting toilets, recycling, food sovereignty and more, the project is recognised as a Permaculture Association Land Project, a national network of model demonstration sites across the UK.

The farm hosts a forest school, organises permaculture design courses, practical workshops and open days, as well as creating a space for people to come and learn and work for positive change in rewilding the area and working towards food sovereignty. The cooperative runs a food box scheme, a farm shop and nursery.