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Where do I start in planning my permaculture garden on my bare 2 acre block that I’ve just built a house on? (Anna, Candelo NSW)

Start at your door. Create a small kitchen garden while you get to know your whole site in-depth and make your plans. Go walkabout regularly. Look at what’s happening beyond your boundary too. Slow down and get a feel for each space. Perhaps even have picnics in various places around your block. Make a copy of your property plan or print out a Google Earth image (A3 is a good size). Carry it around with you and jot down observations like microclimates, wind and solar access, how you could source, sink and spread water, soil types and quality, and local vegetation and abundances. Meanwhile, begin mind-mapping your wish-list: plants, animals, structures, spaces. Identify what you want to include in your design and research what is climatically suitable. For extra inspiration, join the local permaculture group and visit other permaculture gardens in your region. (Morag)