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Off-Grid Festivities

The 2022 Off-Grid Linving Festival is being held over 9–10 April at Centennial Park in Eldorado, Victoria, just 75 km southwest from the border town of Albury. Now in its fifth year, the two-day event takes in all things sustainability as it aims to inspire and connect people with an interest in reducing their home’s impact on the planet. From the latest technology through to bush survival skills, the festival explores 10 fundamental topics of off-grid living. For more info or to book tickets, head to



Disposable face-mask litter across the world jumped by a staggering 9000 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year, according to a study by a British university. With masks cited as an effective way to curb Covid-19 transmission, the plastic content in single-use face coverings is being reported to take 450 years to break down meaning their detrimental effects on the environment will far outlast the pandemic. And with a lot of waste ending up in waterways, the occurrence of animals becoming tangled in the straps on masks is also on the rise, leading to a ‘snip the straps’ campaign which urges everyone to cut each strap of single-use masks before disposing of them responsibly.

Of course the best option is to avoid disposable masks altogether and make your own reusable versions from recycled fabrics. Head to for our step-by-step guide!

A Biodiverse Bunch


iNaturalist is an app-based citizen-science initiative which maps global observations of biodiversity by encouraging users to share images of plant and animal life in their area. According to the app, its primary goal is to connect people with the natural world, but an important secondary goal is the generation of a really valuable pool of data that’s used by researchers and scientists all over the world.

Launched in 2014 as a joint initiative of National Geographic and the California Academy of Sciences, the app has over five million users who have so far contributed more than 87 million observations.

That Big Long Storyline Is Connecting Us


The black cockatoos on this issue’s cover feature regularly in artist Cheryl Davison’s paintings and have dreamtime story significance to Cambewarra Mountain in New South Wales’ Shoalhaven region.

‘The interesting part is that we [in the east] say they flew west, but in Western Australia they say the cockie brings fire and he comes from the east,’ Cheryl told Pip. ‘There is that connection and we have stories that connect us all over the country, massive big songlines.’

See more of Cheryl’s incredible artwork and learn how severe burns as a young girl shaped her into the successful artist she is today in our profile feature starting page 74.

Pip Tip!


Every community has those desolate patches of fallow ground where council plantings have failed, while most of us also have a handful of seeds rapidly approaching their use-by dates. This pollinator shaker, made by punching a few holes into the lid of a jar which contains a mixture of seeds of flowering plants, is the perfect remedy for both. Keep it in the cupholder of your car, and shake over patches of bare soil you spot (preferably just before or while it’s raining) to add some colour to your community and food for insects to forage.


Chicken Dinner!

Christmas came twice to Rebecca Freeman from Albany in Western Australia who won the seven-piece Solidteknics Set- For-Life Starter Pack worth $1449 simply by taking out a subscription to Pip magazine. As well as the saving on the cover price, postage is free and you can take advantage of the many benefits only available to our subscribers.


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