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Introducing 2021’s Pip Permie awards!

Nominations are open for the 2021 Pip Permie Awards which recognise the individuals and organisations working tirelessly to create positive change. As Australia’s leading permaculture title, Pip will reward the businesses, people and projects who best demonstrate permaculture’s three key ethics of earth care, people care and fair share.

There are three coveted awards up for grabs this year: 2021 Ethical Small Business of the Year, 2021 Permie Project of the Year and 2021 Permie of the Year.  Both the Permie of the Year and the Project of the Year will be featured in a 2022 issue of Pip magazine, while the Ethical Small Business will receive a complimentary advertising package through Pip Media.

To nominate a project or person doing amazing things, head to www.connect. pip-awards and tell us bit about who they are and what they’re up to. The winners will be announced in the final issue of the year.

Watch And Learn

Reading Landscape with David Holmgren is the working title of a documentary film project on track for completion in early 2022. The project emerged from executive producer Dan Palmer’s fascination with David’s extraordinary capacity to unpack a landscape through direct observation. Featuring footage of David reading landscapes from national parks, botanical gardens and abandoned arboretums, through to suburban backyards and farms, the film aims to firmly establish reading landscapes as a fundamental human skill, as well as a core foundation of permaculture design. But as Pip went to print, the crowdfunding campaign to make the production a reality was still short of reaching its goal. To help out or to learn more, visit

The way we spend our minutes is how we spend our days and in no time at all it amounts to our life

This quote from Jade Mills’ new book Futuresteading: Live Like Tomorrow Matters really struck a chord with us and illustrates real and positive change can start with just small and conscious decisions. Read our review on Jade’s book, and plenty more, on page 94. Make sure you are signed up to our e-newsletter for a chance to win a copy!


Believe it or not, that’s at least how many pea varieties have been lost over the years and why it’s so important that we save and share heirloom seeds. According to the seedsavers network, Australians once planted 65 different pea varieties. Alarmingly, now it’s less than ten.

For advice on saving seed, turn to page 16, and there’s a great feature on growing peas starting on page 32.

Pip Tip!

Use winter prunings from your fruit trees to create sustainable seedling markers for the new growing season. Cut to the desired length and use a vegetable peeler to reveal a place to write. Reuse them next season by ‘peeling’ the old variety away to reveal clean wood.

The Kefir Project

Inspired by the Seeds Are Free project featured in Pip Issue 19, Emily Stokes wants to share her milk kefir grains from her very healthy stash. Just post her a stamped, self-addressed envelope and she’ll send you some.

‘Consuming milk kefir is one of the best things we can do for our gut health,’ she says. Head to for details and turn to page 50 to find out to make your own milk kefir.


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