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The Chikukwa Project Film


The Chikukwa project is an amazing story of African villagers who turned their lives around. This film made by brother and sister team; Gillian and Terry Leahy is a feel good story about an incredible permaculture project that has been growing in Zimbabwe for the last twenty years.

Where once the people of the Chikukwa villages suffered hunger, malnutrition and high rates of disease, this community has turned its fortunes around using permaculture farming techniques. Complementing these strategies for food security, they have built their community strength through locally controlled and initiated programs for permaculture training, conflict resolution, women’s empowerment, primary education and HIV management.

Now they have a surplus of food and the people in these villages are healthy and proud of their achievements. Their degraded landscape has been turned into a lush paradise. $12.99 digital download or $20 for the DVD

Sundaya T-Lite Solar Powered Light Kit


Sundaya have developed a fantastic range of solar powered lighting kits designed to power your life using 100% renewable energy. Detachable LED torch lights with built-in battery and controller. Comes with solar panel, cables, two or three lamps & connectors. Steplessly dimmable. Add a Joul Stick as an optional extra to kit and power your USB devices from sunlight.

2 light $165.00

3 light $250.00

Rainbow Power Company

Seed to Seed. Food Gardens in Schools

by Jude Fanton and Jo Immig


This is a 90-page educational manual written for teachers and parents creating food gardens in schools. It has information on planning, planting, maintaining, harvesting, cooking and seed-saving. Each section has information, practical activities, examples, case studies and links to relevant websites. A great manual to help support those creating edible food gardens in schools.

Published by Seedsavers. $28

Wool Tops From Tabandy Farm Textiles


All natural, certified o r g a n i c a n d Australian dyes. Home-grown wool from Tabandy Farm. Australian wool for Australian people. Has the handle of a fine merino with the durability of a coarser sculptural wool. 18-22 micron.

For felters, spinners and crafts people. $6/ 50gms

Paper Pot Maker


Make your own recycled paper pots. Growing your own plants from seed is now even more cost effective and environmentally friendly. Seedlings can be left in the pots when planting out to avoid disturbing the roots, and the newspaper rots down in moist soil. Made from certified sustainable beech. Linseed oil finish. Recycled packaging. $24.95

The Lost Seed Seeds


All seeds are non-hybrid, non-GMO, open-pollinated, untreated (not coated with chemicals) & importantly, germination-tested – so they come up! The Lost Seed is a family business which sprouted up in 2002 with a passion for bringing rare & heirloom varieties back into Australian home-gardening. With seed saving information on the back of each pack, gardeners are encouraged to learn to “seed-save”. It’s about keeping flavour, colour & nutrition alive & available for future generations in a way that respects nature, personal health & freedom. Preserving varieties that were handed down through families for generations is a tradition that’s worth sustaining, against all odds. $3.45

4MyEarth® Sandwich Wrap


Easy for both children and adults to open and close, not like some plastic containers that can be very hard for little fingers.

Large Velcro strip so you can adjust to fit a small sandwich right up to a large sandwich, roll or wrap. Size 30cm x 30cm – size is a rough guide and may vary slightly either side of this measurement.

  • Easy for both children and adults to open and close.
  • Wraps/pockets can be put in freezer.
  • Wraps act as a clean place mat to eat your food off.
  • Lightweight, yet extremely strong.
  • Stores flat for easy and simple storage.
  • Label has space for you to write name on.
  • Hand, machine or dishwasher safe.

Ethically made in India $12.95


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