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Cecilia Macauley’s Pearl of Wisdom #1


Permaculture design is about solving whatever real problems people have. My clients are mostly mainstreamers, so their problems aren’t of a vegetable nature. They are; ‘My children don’t listen to me’, ‘I’m always rushed’, ‘Life is such a chore’. If good design creates cared-for, surplus-sharing people, Bill Mollision would be pleased.

Our houses could be our cheer squad and support crew, but so often, they just defeat us. We intend to do something lovely: wrap a present, shine our shoes, make a cake. But we end up stuck. ‘Where is the sticky tape?’ ‘Who took the scissors?’ ‘Do we have any white laces?’ Create household guilds. Make families of objects so that they are able to fulfill their purpose when they are in each other’s presence. Find a beautiful box or container for them. Label it with a spot-on title. Don’t dilute or pollute the box with things that don’t really belong.

It’s much easier to be productive when everything we need to succeed is already under our noses.

The Gundaroo Tiller Broadfork


The broad fork is a modern, ergonomically-sound version of a classic Dutch implement. It is ideal for the fast manual non-inversion tillage, particularly of heavy clay soils. Soils can be opened up to allow air, water and soil organisms to penetrate with the consequent improvement of structure, fertility and biological activity.

It is a serious tool for market gardeners, herb and cut flower growers and is a sustainable alternative to mechanical cultivation. Many home gardeners find it makes a wonderful replacement for conventional garden forks with their flimsy tines and short handles.

5 tined $175 plus $35 postage

7 Tined $195 plus $35 postage

The Weed Forager’s Handbook


Step into the world of our least-admired botanical companions, peel back the layers of prejudice, and discover the finer side of the plants we call weeds. An astonishing number are either edible or medicinal, and have deep and sometimes bizarre connections to human history.

Full colour photos and botanical illustrations
Detailed edibility and medicinal notes on 20 main common weeds, plus another 14 short profiles
Delicious and easy recipes
Remarkable tales from history and folklore!

$21.95 plus $3 postage


The Tumbleweed Compost Mate™

is the clean, convenient and effective way to operate your compost bin – and its so much easier than using a pitchfork!

With just a few minutes of light work each week, you can thoroughly mix and aerate your compost – and in doing so, create the perfect conditions to encourage rapid decomposition of your organic waste. In fact, research shows that a Compost Mate will produce rich compost five times faster than organic waste that’s left to decompose without turning and aeration!

You can also use your Compost mate to quickly bring rich, finished compost from the bottom of your bin to the top — then use it in your garden. Find at your local nursery or hardware store, or go online to $20


Permaculture Principles & Ethics Fridge Magnets

Reinforce the permaculture ethics and design principles into your daily life using these magnets which show the icon on one side, and the name and proverb on the reverse. $20


Celtic Nordic Eightfold Year – Seasonal Garden Chart

The charts are a perpetual seasonal planting and harvesting calendar using the Celtic Eightfold year seasons. There is a Temperate version (e.g. Newcastle to Tasmania) and a Subtropic version (e.g. northern NSW, Sth Qld). Each season shows veggies to plant & approximate number of weeks to harvest, companion & useful flowers to plant, and fruits in season.

$15 + $5 postage (in Australia)


Tagasaste Seeds

Just think, a piece of the Permaculture Institute farm (designed and developed by Bill and Lisa Mollison) could be growing at your place soon; producing an abundance of usable nitrogen (via root bacteria and leaf mulch), flowers feeding your birds, bees and beasts, sheltering your lands and stock from winds, providing small wood for your rocket stoves; plus displaying beauty, serenity and shelter for your enjoyment and protection. $3.95


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