Issue 22

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Issue 22 Flipbook

The summer issue of Pip is packed full of inspiration and information on a diverse range of earth-conscious topics. We ask the experts how they trellis their tomatoes for the best-quality yields, take you on a tour of a tiny house on Magnetic Island and…

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Brains Trust

When is the best time to mulch my garden?

Soil never wants to be bare, so whether you use your plants as a living mulch or cover the soil around your plants, always ensuring…

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Read & Watch

Chef Annie Smithers takes us on a generously honest journey of finding, connecting to and regenerating land that can support her family, her restaurant and her desire to live more sustainably.

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Kids’ Patch

Our kids’ patch winners for this issue are Hettie & Poppy Knight from Raworth, NSW, you’ve won a copy of the 2021 book Bee Detectives, written by Vanessa Ryan-Rendall and illustrated by Brenna Quinlan. It’s for any aspiring…

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Letters To The Editor

We’d love to see if we’ve inspired you to embark on any projects. The letter of the issue will receive a limited-edition Pip magazine print featuring archival inks on textured, 300 gsm rag paper. Email your letters and…

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Pip Noticeboard


Each year, Pip recognises the individuals and organisations who are digging deep to create important and positive change. From scores of…

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We have all been spending a lot more time at home lately. And it has given us an opportunity to become more familiar with our local spaces. Whether that be our own gardens, if we have them, our verges, our…

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Fermented Drink – Rye Kvass

Beet kvass is becoming well known among the fermented drink offerings now, but Sharon Flynn from The Fermentary in Daylesford, Victoria, loves this darker, more beer-like version made from bread.

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Small-scale Farming – Fare Share

With just enough money to pay for compost and mulch, plus a generous donation of land, Justin Hartley established the thriving and popular Duck Foot Farm: the first notill, small-scale and land-share farm in the Southern Highlands in…

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Taking Stock – Making Change

The upheaval of the past two years has had many people contemplating making a change. Whether it be a tree change, a career switch or something personal, it can be tricky to translate that hope into reality.

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Tried & True

The number of commercially available cling wrap products claiming to be compostable is on the rise. It means companies are recognising how important it is to stamp out plastics, but it also means they’re reacting to the demands of the…

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Urban Foraging – Wild Mustard

Native to Europe, Asia and northern parts of Africa, wild mustard (Sinapis arvensis), also known as field mustard or charlock, is one of the tastiest and most versatile weeds in the brassica family.

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