Issue 2 – digital edition


The Pig Issue


  • The Permaculture Power of Big Machines by Ian Lillington
  • Meaningful Change: Nuturing an inner permaculture to enable a deeper outer permaculture by Stuart Hill
  • Waterless Composting Toilets by Kym Mogridge
  • Articulating Clear Design Goals by Dan Palmer
  • Creating Gardens with Refugees by Hannah Moloney
  • The ‘Forgotten Island’ by Orietta L’Abbate

PROFILES: Aaron Sorenson, Karen Lott, Madelaine Scott, Tabitha Bilaniwskyi-Zarins, Nadja Osterstock.

ALSO: Grow your own meat, Green manures, No debt housing, Reducing waste café style, How to make chorizo, The ethics and heart of social enterprise, Parenting the permaculture way, Local produce swaps and much more