Issue 29 – digital edition


 Issue 29 – digital is packed full of inspiration and information to nourish yourself and the planet. In this issue we explore:

  • Five plants to defy ‘the hungry gap’ of spring
  • How to prepare your soil for the new season
  • How anybody can grow food
  • Foraging and preparing seaweed to eat
  • Offal: How to introduce it into your diet
  • A sustainable home built from recycled materials
  • Acres and Acres: The thriving co-op committed to its community
  • Murnong Mammas: How native food is building important Indigenous connections
  • Self care: The importance of helping yourself

And all our regular sections including seed saving, seasonal gardening advice, kid’s patch and more.

Would you like add our new ebook?

Growing More Food Ebook

The dream of growing more food is a common one for many of us! The thrill of bringing in a basket filled to the brim with homegrown garden produce is one many of us are familiar with during the summer glut - but what if you could have this all year round?

We all want to be growing more food but how do we do that, so that we get a consistent harvest all year round. The answer lies in the planning. Our Growing More Food ebook  is designed to take you through the steps to plan your plantings so that you are eating from your garden throughout the year.

Whether you live on a suburban block, a small acreage or even if you’re part of a community garden, this guide will show you the simple, but often overlooked tricks behind growing all your own veg, year round.

Pip’s Issue 29 is packed full of inspiration and information to start the new season on the best foot. This issue will tell you all you need to know about preparing your soil for Spring, as well as explain how anyone can grow their own food no matter where you live. We’ll show you how to forage and prepare seaweed and visit a group of Indigenous women in Central Victoria building connections through cooking native food.

We’ll take you on a tour of a sustainable forever home built using recycled materials, spell out everything you need to consider when designing a chicken coop at your place and remind you that taking the time to nurture yourself is just as important as caring for our planet. You’ll learn about plants that can feed you when your spring garden is bare, you’ll be inspired by a thriving co-op that grew out of necessity and you just might even be inspired to up your offal game after learning about the sustainable, ethical and cost-saving benefits of this highly nutritious food.

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