Storyteller: Cheryl Davison

As a visual artist, a business owner and a creative director, Cheryl Davison is creating and maintaining beautiful and important cultural connections.

Cheryl Davison is a proud Walbunga and Ngarigo woman. She is an artist who expresses her creativity and connection to Country in many forms. Best known for her prints and paintings, she is also the Aboriginal Creative Director with Four Winds Festivals and has recently opened Mungala Bugaali Gallery in Central Tilba, New South Wales, where as well as selling her own artwork and products, she sells the wares of other local artists and producers.

‘I come from here,’ she starts. ‘There is nowhere else I come from. I was born in Bega, my mother was born in Nowra, my grandfather was born in Wallaga, my great grandfather was born in Wallaga, my great great grandfather was born in Wallaga. That’s a real connection for me.’