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The 2022 Off-Grid Linving Festival is being held over 9–10 April at Centennial Park in Eldorado, Victoria, just 75 km southwest from the border town of Albury. Now in its fifth year, the two-day event takes in all things sustainability as it aims to inspire and connect people with an interest in reducing their home’s impact on the planet.


Welcome to Issue 23 of Pip and our eighth year of bringing you great content. I’m realising our content is now more relevant than ever and I can see the growing interest in the importance of being more sustainable and self-reliant.

Pip Picks – Things We Like

Baba Tree
This foldable, machine-washable yoga mat has a non-slip base made from natural rubber and a moisture-wicking vegan suede top which is free of chemicals, plastics, silicones or phthalates.

Permaculture Around The World

Organiclea is a community farm at the northern edge of London in the Lea Valley next to the ancient woodland Epping Forest which, incredibly, has been continuously forested since neolithic times. The 12-acre farm started in 2008 and is run as a cooperative.

5 Common Pests & Diseases

t sometimes feels like as soon as we begin to enjoy our garden, so do the pests and diseases! Warm and damp weather can promote lush growth on our plants, which seems to send a signal to pests and diseases to come in and take up residence.

Letters To The Editor

Proud permie
r latest edition, I’m loving what you’re doing. I have saved my own seeds for years, but got slack after moving and was caught wanting when the pandemic caused a seed crisis.