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Permaculture Around The World

A thriving urban permaculture project is flourishing in Tokyo. It offers hope for a positive future for young people, and aims to revive traditional sustainable Japanese culture. A group of young people who care about sustainability, permaculture and peace activism are getting together for joyful and collaborative action. Their current project is to create a Permaculture and Peace Dojo. They have an acre of land and a traditional-style 100-year-old wooden house on the outskirts of Tokyo which they are renovating using sustainable practices. They plan to make it a centre where peace activists can explore permaculture and ways of contributing to positive change in the world. They will be ready for receiving volunteers in 2018.

From Seed To Skin: Home Grown Herbal Skin Care

Kay Saarinan grows medicinal herbs, creating a range of organic skincare products in a purpose-built lab on her six-acre property on the NSW far South Coast. She started her business Saarinan Organics ten years ago, selling five products at the local markets. Kay now has 37 different products in her range, including facial cleansers, calendula ointment and moisturising creams.


Robyn Rosenfeldt
After talking with Tim Flannery and exploring his research, I was blown away by the true potential of this watery weed and its capability to have a real effect with issues surrounding climate change.

Rental Gardening

Home ownership has long been considered the Great Australian Dream. One aspect of this dream is the freedom to develop and tend to a garden, for many years of creative expression and fulfilment. Yet census data reveals a slow but steady trend away from home ownership and towards renting.

Alternative Economies: Groups Working Towards A More Resilient Future

Bought a whipper snipper and only used it once? Fret no more, as tool libraries will stop you from buying things you rarely use by allowing you to instead borrow what you need. Brunswick Tool Library has 250 active members who utilise the shovels, mattocks, axes and many other handy tools available to them, all for the cost of a small annual fee. Karleng Lim tells us how it works.

Flemington Food Forest: An Orchard Conversion

Food forests are a quintessential permie approach to food production. By layering plants that work together, a garden can offer a harvest with fewer inputs by mimicking an established forest ecosystem. The extra foliage and root matter in the system provides shade, water retention and organic matter.

Frugal Living: Live With Less So You Can Live More

Life seems to be getting busier. We are working more, the cost of living is rising and so too are stress levels. We have seemingly less time for ourselves and our families. Even if your work is satisfying and fulfilling, having to work long hours to make ends meet affects your quality of life.

Foraging Edible Seaweed

Growing in our oceans and lining our beaches, seaweed is familiar to us all. But what many of us don’t realise is the nutritional benefit that seaweed offers. The edible seaweed industry in Australia is in its infancy. It’s only recently that scientific research is being conducted into the nutritional benefits of seaweed and how we can start incorporating it into our diets.