Taj Scicluna–Designer

Taj Scicluna is working to create a fertile and abundant world, where the earth’s resources are distributed fairly, with care and responsibility.

Her passions include beekeeping, primitive living skills, herbal medicine – which she studies – and spoken word poetry. And she aims to bring back people’s medicine, people’s food and people’s freedom, not only through a passionate voice, but through individual action and community empowerment.

Taj has run Permaculture Design Courses, with co-teacher Tamara Griffiths in the Dandenong Ranges, which incorporate interactive and creative teaching methods for all kinds of learning styles.

Through passionate permaculture education and regenerative environmental services – such as permaculture design and the creation of delicious ornamental edible gardens – Taj aims to nurture diversity, and to protect ecology through healthy and resilient communities and ecosystems.