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Taj Scicluna–Designer


Taj Scicluna is working to create a fertile and abundant world, where the earth’s resources are distributed fairly, with care and responsibility.

Her passions include beekeeping, primitive living skills, herbal medicine – which she studies – and spoken word poetry. And she aims to bring back people’s medicine, people’s food and people’s freedom, not only through a passionate voice, but through individual action and community empowerment.

Taj has run Permaculture Design Courses, with co-teacher Tamara Griffiths in the Dandenong Ranges, which incorporate interactive and creative teaching methods for all kinds of learning styles.

Through passionate permaculture education and regenerative environmental services – such as permaculture design and the creation of delicious ornamental edible gardens – Taj aims to nurture diversity, and to protect ecology through healthy and resilient communities and ecosystems.

What is permaculture to you?

Permaculture is what helped me believe I could make a difference; it’s what empowered me as an individual. Permaculture was one of the first environmental practices that opened doors for me, enabling me to channel the anguish and rage I felt for the degradation of all life forms into something positive.

Permaculture and regenerative living practices are my passion, livelihood and purpose. Through permaculture I feel I can embody change, and express how much love and connection I have for and to the natural world.

Design and drawing background

I’ve been creative from a young age, thanks to my very talented mum: I was always the kid drawing. I’ve always been excited by everything at once, and not known which to focus on. I started design drawing during my diploma, and have been in love with garden designs ever since!

Permaculture design style

My design style is in a constant process of being refined, as I gain new skills, ideas, techniques and inspiration. I now use computer software for base maps and the like, but cannot give up hand-drawing and painting – it’s the part I love the most. I derive a lot of my inspiration from botanical art, and have started investing in a palette of what I call ‘sunset colours’. I see designing as an art, and although I take its functionality seriously, why not make things beautiful at the same time?

Memorable design moment

One client said to me recently, ‘I trust you, I want you to feel as though this property is your creative canvas’. This was one of the best moments I have had. I truly felt valued and appreciated as an artist as well as a permaculturist. I was very honoured to have someone trust me with their dreams like that.

Taj lives and works in Melbourne, Victoria, and can be contacted through her website


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