The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook

We are very conscious that climate change will hit the tropics, and especially the most vulnerable, very hard. The aim of the Tropical Permaculture Guidebook (TPGB) is to be part of simultaneously creating lifestyles that contribute to environmental regeneration rather than climate change and degradation and provide resilience and proactive adaptability in facing current challenges.The TPGB is helping people all over the world have more food, cleaner water, better livelihoods, be more resilient, more sustainable and live in healthier and more stable communities. It creates the framework pattern of permaculture design from a typical tropical community perspective, then provides the details of how to actually achieve it, with step-by-step technical knowledge explained both in words and images.The guidebook is the result of a collaboration from East Timorese NGO Permatil (Permaculture Timor-Leste), xpand Foundation (an Australian social enterprise working predominantly in Timor-Leste), Disruptive Media (design and strategic communications for social change) and a huge band of supporters.