Top 10 Productive Plants To Grow In Small Spaces

If you want something tiny, nutritious and delicious, try micro greens. Long revered by chefs for their subtle flavours and delicate textures, they are very easy to grow and will add some extra street cred to any kitchen. Because plants are not grown to full maturity, we don’t have to worry about a lot of common challenges like spacing, light, pests and disease. Instead, growing is an all-out sprint with a high-density of seeds placed in a tray and watered daily. Only a little bit of light is necessary, which makes these a popular option for people who want to grow indoors.


Lettuce is the Golden Retriever of the vegetable world: simple, loyal and easy to satisfy. Throw any season at a lettuce and you’re bound to get some produce in return. It seems to thrive best in early autumn and spring conditions, but like your Retriever, will be happy with most seasons. Lettuces are not especially hungry for nutrients, but do require a steady supply of nitrogen.