Ways With Waste: Travel Composting

Just because you’re enjoying a well-earned break, it doesn’t mean you need to stop your good composting habits.

Now borders are open, a road trip across Australia is once again an option. It’s sometimes all too easy to leave our good recycling habits at home when we hit the road.

Of all waste types, food is both the easiest and the most challenging to recycle. Easy in that all it wants to do is decompose and it will do it over time whether we want it to or not. But the biggest challenge when you’re on the road is finding somewhere to empty your bucket of scraps.

Keep, Meet, Greet

Because of the increased awareness over the last decade, composting while on the road is actually pretty easy. All around Australia there are community gardens and gardeners who are willing to accept the scraps you’ve been collecting. Keeping your food scraps out of landfill while on the road can actually be part of the adventure, taking you to gardens and connecting you to people you may not have otherwise met.