Tried & True

The idea of something bubbling away on your bench and the potential for it to go wrong can be daunting to those new to fermentation, but these affordable kits from The Fermentary take the guesswork out of both the equipment and the process.

The Kimchi kit is one of three in the Ferment Your Own range of kits and comes with a one-litre Fowlers glass jar, a rubber seal, a plastic air lock and an appropriate stainless-steel lid it can fit into. There’s a bar clip to hold the lid down, as well as a plastic lid for when the fermenting process is finished and you want to store it in the same jar.

To produce the kits, The Fermentary has teamed up with Fowlers Vacola, arguably the most well-known brand when it comes to preserving, so you immediately know the quality is good. As well as the hardware, the kit comes with 50 grams of Mt Zero Pink Lake salt, a recipe card and a packet of Gonchugaru, the Korean chilli flakes which gives kimchi its trademark spice.